A new method for creating assistive devices for occupational therapists. There is a need so it is a big motivation to help the helpers and bring material, tools and processes together to create new way of work. We make it come alive with a hand-made-print3-kit and a device-sharing-pool. need method material tools processes device-sharing-pool hand-made-print3-kit
need method material tools process device-sharing-pool hand-made-print3-kit partners get in touch need

Also, if there is no insurance system for covering costs associated with disability, it is very challenging to afford the money for assistive devices. The manufacturing process for one-off pieces are exorbitant, elaborate and needs a lot of time but the patient need his aid now and the insurance doesn’t want to pay a lot of money in many cases.
New approuch
grafik (way of traditional/old process)
Generate a method out of material, tools and process The occupational therapists become a designer by using just the own hands to shape object with hands. I can see a lot of potential in involving the target audience in the design process in general. In most cases, assistive devices are very expensive and not accessible because its a one-off piece. The manufacturing process for one-off pieces are exorbitant, elaborate and needs a lot of time but the patient need his aid now and the insurance doesn’t want to pay a lot of money in many cases. Also if there is no insurance system like in some developed country it is impossible for the patient to afford the money for assistive devices. In this project I like to create DIY design solutions for occupational therapists. I want to encourage the occupational therapists to make special customized assistive devices using modeling material by their own.
After going back to the roots and modelling by hand the object can be reproduced using 3D scaning and printing. Material + Tools + Process = Method 
 issue - handcraft - scaning - printing - solution
We need to find a material which is flexible and static at the same time. We need something in between. Easy to shape and possible to scan. 

... How we can cut, form, carve, copy and connect material?

... The activity that the occupational therapists will do to take the raw material and turn it into a model of an assistive device that could be scanned using a 3D-scanner. We want to design the process of creating new models for creating in a 3D-printed assistive device.

... A lot of occupational therapists are really good with generating new solutions for solving handicaps in the dayly life of their client. We want to offers this open plattform for share ideas with other therapists.
Devices which meda with 3D-Print technilogy and all other hand-made assistive devices
The tool- and material collection box is one of the medium of the method. Contect ist varialbe and need to optimiced after talking with a few more therapists. Box Material-collection Tool-collection Manual Download Info 

... A good and mixed netwook ist imporatant at this point.
We are in everytime happy for new partners.
 Robin Weidner (UBC -VIRS Student)
University of Applied Sciences Schwaebisch Gmuend
Productdesign, BA-Student Jason Thorne (Occupational Therapist)
Purdy Pavilion, VCH Mike Van der Loos, Ph.D., P.Eng.
University of British Columbia
Associate Professor Universities University of British Columbia
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
6250 Applied Science Lane
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
Canada Hochschule für Gestaltung
Schwäbisch Gmünd
University of Applied Sciences
Marie-Curie-Straße 19
D-73529 Schwäbisch Gmünd
“As an Occupational Therapist I often have to come up with creative ideas to meet the needs of my clients who have physical and/or cognitive impairments. When I can’t find an adaptive tool or device already on the market I will sometimes make something home made to meet their need. Having the ability to use a special toolkit to design an adaptive aid and have it made by a 3-D printer is a great idea that could benefit a number of my clients.”

... Say 'hello' get informations and be part of it =)
 Robin Weidner (UBC -VIRS Student)

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